Consists of planning session, script writing/review, story boarding, location scouting (if necessary) and creation of shooting schedule. For complete descriptions and an estimate contact us.


Post Production

Consists of video editing, color correction, color grading, sound sweetening, music, sound effects, titling, graphics, special effects, virtual set creation, 3D Logo creation/animation. For complete descriptions and an estimate contact us.


Animation | 3D Animation

While beautiful shot live action imagery can tell a story well, there are so many great opportunities to enhance that story, credits and/or titles with motion graphics and animations. Some projects simply cannot be done with camera acquired visuals because either the concept is too abstract or the nature of the footage would require an out-of-reach budget and timeline. Motion graphics and animation vastly widen your storytelling toolset by bringing in generated assets limited only by your imagination.

They can also bring a new personality to a piece whether it be added sophistication, tension, mystery, humor, etc. Of course, not every video project needs motion graphics and can even take you further out of the story. So, as part of our discovery process, we determine if and how the project can benefit from graphics and how best to integrate them to make the story and the brand really sing. For complete descriptions and an estimate contact us.

Rates and Packages

Of course, every project is different so the number of hours/days to complete your video will vary. Contact us to discuss the scope of your project.


Discounts for Large Projects

For a multi-day shoot and/or multi day post-production work, we do offer discounts. We’re more than happy to review the scope of your project and give you a FREE estimate.


Charge for Extra Equipment

A Real Grip has an extra fee for a crane, green screen, dolly, track systems etc. above and beyond our day rates. Figures vary but we assure to provide you the highest quality at the lowest cost.