RED 5K Digital Cinema

Movies and commercials of today come with an expectation of technical magic that is just plain taken for granted. Nobody wants to see murky low-res images dance across a screen. Keep your audiences happy with sharpness and richness like that of – Thor: the Dark World, 300, The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug, Ender’s Game, the new edition of Robocop and Transformers IV. The range of high resolution magazines using the RED 5K format is just as stunning: from TIME, Esquire, W, and the New York TImes Magazine to the high fashion photography of SURF, VOGUE, GQ, Bazaar and Elle. The opportunities open to the creative producer with RED in hand are virtually endless. A Real Grip is elated to make this fabulous camera and our services available to clients in Seattle and beyond. Soon the whole world will be caught RED handed.