About Us

A Real Grip is a Seattle based multimedia production company. We specialize in producing, marketing, commercial, event and music videos for organizations worldwide; from large companies and agencies to non-profits and individual consultants. As a script-to-screen, full service video production company, we handle tasks from concept development to writing, shooting, editing and delivering your video. We are very budget-minded and can work within the parameters given by our clients. The tools of our trade are curiosity, creativity and enough humility to know it’s the story – not the tellers – that’s most important. We want to hear from you! Whether you’re ready to start your video right away, or you just want to talk about where to begin — send us a message today.

Atuanya Priester Bio Photo

Atuanya Priester
Founder | Creative Director

After early years at a filmmaker’s academy based in Los Angeles which traversed the ocean to Germany and points in Europe, Atuanya Priester became a poetic adventurer of the video arts. After completing his academic studies including fundamental screenwriting program at University of Southern California, Atuanya Priester, a son of jazz icon Julian Priester, proceeded with various academic explorations culminating with his BFA degree in Film/Video production, Art & Photography from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. After 10 years rich in experience in arts and entertainment Atuanya founded A Real Grip LLC, a multimedia production company. Atuanya has produced, directed, edited and/or filmed a variety of music, promotional and industrial videos for brands like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Chris Brown, Tyga, School Boy Q, Rick Ross, Big Boi from Outkast, King Britt, Shabazz Palaces, Naomi Wamboe, Owuor Arunga, Kanye West’s former DJ A –Trak and American League Cy Young winning pitcher Felix Hernandez. His extensive training behind the camera, in cooperation with a host of innovative independent producers has led to new heights of invention – projects bearing his distinctive markings such as for, The Bellevue Art Museum, Seattle Theater Group, The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle and KIRO 7 CBS. Atuanya Priester is developing rapidly as an auteur; his courage and daring make him an adept and versatile lens man.

Travis Huff Bio Photo

Travis Huff
Producer | Marketing

Travis has a rich history in the entertainment industry working in production, business development, talent management and marketing for major Hollywood companies. Some of these companies include; Revelations Entertainment, American Idol, Leverage Management and Framework. Over the years Travis has built up a large network and has worked with many prominent names in Hollywood including: Morgan Freeman, David Spade, The Farrelly Brothers, Ryan Seacrest, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, Danny DeVito, and more.

While in Southern California, Travis graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management. It became his goal to marry his love for entertainment with his innovative ability to build brands. Having accepted a position as a Video Producer for a software development company, Travis found himself back in the Seattle area and has only begun to hit his stride. Through his creative vision, Travis has made it his goal, utilizing multi-media, to build up people around him and their brands.

Victoria Kovios Bio Photo

Victoria Kovios
Photographer | Videographer 

Victoria has been active in photography for 7 years. Beginning with traditional darkroom photography and working her way into digital. Portraiture, architectural, landscapes and weddings have been her primary focuses in photo work.  Attending Cornish College of the Arts Victoria has recently transitioned into video production. In school she met business partner Lea Godoy and forged a video team called First Ladies. First Ladies mission is to expand their horizons through video art as well as commercial work. First Ladies have found a niche in the market by working out of the box and being innovative, something you can always expect from them.


Avi Loud Bio Photo

Avi Loud
Director of Photography | Videographer

Avi Loud is an aspiring photographer & cinematographer living in the Seattle area. He is recent graduate in Commercial Photography at Seattle Central’s Creative Academy. His main areas of focus have been portraiture and editorial work, working alongside local Hip-Hop artists. Recently, he has picked up cinematography, working on several short films and music videos, as well as shifting his photographic focus into fashion and modeling. He grew up immersed in Hip-Hop, music and artistry. Being surrounded by many different cultures, traditions, and artistic mediums has greatly influenced his vision as an artist and as a storyteller.

Derya San Bio Photo

Derya San
Photographer | Videographer 

Soon after finishing High School in 2005 Derya attended Film school at the Seattle Film Institute, where he learned the “Theory and Techniques” of filmmaking. Upon completion of the program he jumped right into the “Commercial Photography” program at Seattle Central Creative Academy, graduating in 2010 from one of the most respected photography programs in the west coast, he is now well on his way to making a name for himself. With a deep rooted love for Hip-Hop music & culture he aims to put his talents towards making images that speak to people. He has photographed artists Wiz Khalifa, Big Boi, Common & Kendrick Lamar just to name a few.

Jaebediah Gardner Bio Photo

Jaebadiah Gardner
Business Consultant

Jaebadiah S. Gardner is the Founder and CEO of GardnerGlobal, Inc. and was brought on board the A Real Grip team to serve as the Business Consultant. Working closely with the founder and CEO, Jaebadiah assisted with the direction and focus of A Real Grip, LLC by laying a foundation for growth by setting high standards for organization and business development. Jaebadiah is a 2012 graduate from Thomas M. Cooley School of Law. With his primary focus in real estate development and property management, Jaebadiah is a master networker and brings with him a depth of networks and business expertise. Jaebadiah is Board Member & Marketing Chair at the Seattle Breakfast Group, Economic Development Chair at the Seattle Urban League Young Professionals and member of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties.